Google Ads forensics

Ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of your campaign

Most Ads campaigns are far less effective than they could be, simply because the companies running them do not have the time or experience to analyze the results of their program. The expert specialists at Connection Marketing can tell you exactly what your reports mean in plain English. Our Ads Check is an essential step to refining the effectiveness of your marketing. We can help you home in on your most effective keywords, boost the rate of clicks that lead to sales, and improve prospective customers’ initial experience on your site.

Connection Marketing also keeps tabs on your marketing campaign with Service Provider Report Verification. Your ads won’t do your business much good if they don’t end up in front of your intended audience, so we track them to ensure that they appear how and where you intend them to. Verification also helps you get a clearer picture of your return on investment, so you can focus your efforts where they produce the best results.

Know Your Results