Call Tracking

Phone Numbers

With Connection Marketing, you can easily set up phone numbers to not only effectively track your marketing efforts, but also attract the customers you’re looking for. Effortlessly put in place local numbers that let nearby customers know you’re in their area, toll-free numbers to signal that you have a national presence, or international numbers to facilitate overseas business.

Call Tracking

Understanding where your traffic and conversions are coming from is a critical part of search engine marketing, and call tracking is an essential part of comprehending the big picture. Call tracking can drill down on your most effective marketing strategies by assigning a unique number to each campaign to help you determine which sources and keywords are producing phone calls. Gain the insight you need to strategically allocate your marketing budget for maximum impact.

Dynamic Numbers

Integrate call tracking into your website by assigning unique numbers to the sources that drive traffic, such as organic search, Google AdWords, Yelp, and social media sites. With a simple coding addition, phone numbers on your website are seamlessly replaced with a number keyed to how each visitor found you. Data gathered from calls gives you detailed insight into where your business is getting its greatest visibility. Gather as much information as you need to get a clear picture with your account’s unlimited minutes.


Connection Marketing’s reporting helps you to see and analyze your call data in an easy-to-use format that breaks down information in multiple ways. Understand your call data by source, keyword, campaign, and more. Our features include call recordings and tracked text messages so you can examine the quality of customer interactions as well as the quantity.


Connection Marketing integrates your call analytics with your favorite platforms to help you see how your phone data fits in with your overall marketing picture. We integrate directly with Google AdWords and Google Analytics, among other platforms, to push your call analytics where you need them most.


Our hassle-free plan includes five numbers and UNLIMITED minutes at