Generate Leads From Target Accounts

Whether you’re a contract manufacturer of supplements or a custom furniture designer, success hinges on receiving in-market leads from ideal customer profiles.  Want to see better ROI and drive more leads to your Sales Development Reps? Look no further than Connection Marketing

Bridge gaps between sales and marketing for an increase in client acquisition with Connection's ABM.

With 17 years running paid media, our team of experts specialize in managing complex Google ads campaigns, social media advertising, display advertising and account-based marketing (ABM) for manufacturers across the globe. We implement practices, techniques and award-wining technologies to maximize the amount of new business opportunities for your ad budget.

Reach Target Accounts Quickly

Give your sales execs ideal in-market leads. Connection Marketing’s ABM (Account-Based Marketing) and PPC lead generation you connect with your ideal customer profile, expand your reach and most importantly generate leads likely to convert.

  • Google, Microsoft and 6Sense Ads Certified.
  • Access to 1.75B+ contacts that can be used to create tailor-made audiences for your ads.
  • Get leads or sign ups your sales departments can act on for immediate sales outreach.
  • For traffic that doesn’t convert, get access to company names, revenues, key decision-makers & contact information on buying teams.
  • On Staff Business Strategies for Ideation.

Full-Stack Integrations
for Maximum ROI

Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, and other third-party platforms, to create customer-match audiences for lead generation while seeing all your results within a custom-built dashboard in Looker Studio. 

Areas of manufacturing that we cover

We specialize in marketing a SaaS technologies that include cover the following business needs:



Food and

Private label




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Sky’s the limit. Partner with Connection Marketing and take your marketing to the next level. Contact us today to see how we can drive your goals!

What Our Clients Say

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I can count on them 100% because I know they put Lief first.

“The reason why I love working with Connection Marketing is because they always want to do better for us and they act like true partners.

With the help of Connection Marketing, we are at a place where we exceeded our expectations.”

Steffi N.

Marketing Communications Director, Lief Labs

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