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Our Success Is Measured by Your
Success, Plain and Simple.

Sales and Marketing departments are often siloed leading to internal friction, disappointment and longer cycles to growth. We’re here to change that.

Connection Marketing Provides a Complete Range of Services to Help Take Any Business to the Next Level!

Connection Marketing provides paid media management and analytics services at an enterprise level with a unique attention to sales outcomes and revenue.
As the online world changes at an accelerated rate, the challenges for companies remain the same. Get the right message in front of the right person. From B-to-B lead generation to national retail activation programs, Connection Marketing meets the client’s needs in ever-changing digital environment.
We pioneer and use the latest strategies in paid media, company identity, AI & Analytics platforms to raise your company’s voice and get you heard.
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Our Mission

To expand a business’s market share with systems that bridge marketing activities to sales performance and revenue goals.

The Story of
Connection Marketing

Located in Calabasas, California, Connection Marketing was founded in 2006 as a full-service web marketing agency delivering cost-effective, customized online marketing solutions.

Since then, we’ve helped enterprise companies run effective marketing online focused on tangible results—increased leads and sales.
Connection Marketing
23945 Calabasas Rd. STE 215 Calabasas Ca. 91302

Managed more than
$20M in ad spend

Generated more than
$1.5B in revenue

Brought companies
into more than 100

Provided deep Insights through more than 100 data points for market expansion

What We Provide

Backed by a team of strategies, content creators and developers, Connection Marketing has provided its customers with essential marketing to grow their businesses without the in-house expense of hiring full-time, enterprise-level digital marketing specialists.
From our inception, Connection Marketing has prioritized getting measurable results for our clients. Nobody’s marketing budget is unlimited—we work to ensure that your ad spend is deployed as effectively as possible to target your ideal customers for a higher return on investment.

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