How to Improve Lead Quality with Google Ads with 3 Easy Steps

Marketing is never easy. Even when you get your message in front of someone’s face, it’s impossible to know what’s that person is thinking – will they be interested enough in what you are showing them to click the link? Do they have the capability to purchase what you are selling?

There are some key factors that can help segment your audience further and engage the right type of audience for your business and improve the lead quality of your Google ads and this adwords agency have listed them for you:

1) Target Audience

One of the first and most important steps in any marketing campaign is to create a target audience. Who are the people that will want to buy what you are trying to sell? As much as we would like for everyone to have a desire to be a buyer of every product we are selling, in order for ads to be efficient and effective, we have to specify who our buyers are.

In theory it’s simple: connect the people who want to buy with the people who want to sell. But it can get extremely complicated when you look further into the factors at play. With things like age verification, gender, geographic location, what they like to do and what kinds of things they care about, it can be difficult to know who to target. The key is to know your product and know your market. Your product might even have more than one specific target. Once you decide who you will be targeting, Google Ads has several tools you can use to reach your audience.

Many of these also have exclusionary capabilities. For example, if you’re a beauty salon that primarily serves women, you can prevent men from seeing your ads. Select the exclusionary tool and then they will no longer see your ad. Click here for an article on how to effectively use these exclusionary tools.

2) Visual Story Telling and Branding

While a book might be deeper than its cover, for an ad to be effective it needs to lure people in from the moment they see it. In a world of constantly decreasing attention spans and constantly increasing competition, it is vital to have a compelling visual story. Once you learn how to reach the right people you need to show them something they like and will want to continue to see. Audiences expect coherency and connection in their ads. They don’t want to have to wonder what and who is being shown to them. Maintaining a visual story and branding throughout your marketing efforts is an essential step to make consumers understand and want to buy what you are selling.

The Rule of 7 is a general marketing principal that states a consumer has to see an ad seven times before they will act on it. That means that if a consumer can’t distinguish whether or not an ad is from your brand, that number of seven increases exponentially and makes your job even more difficult. While creating an appealing digital advertisement is important, it is just as important to make sure that the audience immediately recognizes what brand the ad is representing.

3) Clearly Identify Your Vehicles on Your Landing Page

The goal of a landing page is simple: convince your audience to complete an action. However, if your web page is ill defined, audiences will lose interest and click off before you can ever even make your pitch. The key to an effective landing page is a combination of having a compelling offer and a simplistic, well designed delivery. For an offer to be successful, it must understand its audience and offer something the audience wants or needs. Once you recognize motivation of your audiences, you must appeal to both the rational and emotional parts of consumers brains. While too much copy will scare visitors away, you must also include enough information so your consumers know why they should buy the product. At the end of the offer pitch there must also be a clear call to action.

Next in order to convince audiences to stay on the page you must make sure that the visual aspects of the web page are clear and clean. The typeface, color blocking and use of white space are all important factors to consider when creating a web page. If a visitor feels a web page is cluttered or disorganized, they will simply click off and continue with their search. In order to captivate audiences, you must ensure the design elements clearly identify the vehicles on you landing page and guide their eyes to the call to action. With a design that captivates audiences’ interest and a persuasive offer, your landing page will be significantly more effective in increasing conversions.

While the increasing popularization of digital advertising has created an extremely competitive market, it has also allowed advertisers to ensure that they are not wasting their money on audiences that can’t or won’t buy their product. It’s important to use the tools at your disposal and use Webrageous Google Ads attorneys campaigns that will help you grow your business while also being cost efficient.

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