Spot Winning Facebook Ad Strategies in Less Than 15 Seconds!

In a world of proliferating social media platforms, Facebook is still a force to be reckoned with. Billions of users from a range of demographics check in there daily on desktop or mobile, making it a potentially fruitful market for an ad campaign. More crucially, Facebook gives advertisers the ability to target an audience with pinpoint precision in a way that is difficult to match elsewhere, along with analytics and insights that really let you see what’s working and what isn’t.

Knowing how to take advantage of what can be done with Facebook ads is what transforms an ordinary ad into one that is optimized to get the most out of the platform’s strengths. So what distinguishes a winning Facebook ad? Here’s what to look for:

Specific Targeting

On Facebook, your audience can be targeted by demographics, interests, locations, relationship status, connections, behaviors, and more. Successful Facebook ads use that wealth of knowledge to drill right down to the users who are most likely to engage and convert, rather than wasting money on running an ad in front of people outside of their target audience. A great Facebook ad pairs that back end targeting power with narrowly focused ads that speak directly to their carefully chosen audience.

Short and Sweet

The copy on a great Facebook ad gets right to the point. After all, it only has a brief window to capture the audience’s attention. You want them to know at a glance what you’re offering, how it will help them, and how they can get it. The goal is a succinct message that conveys all these points without any confusion.

Clear, Simple Call to Action

The point of an ad is to get the viewer to do something, whether that’s to buy a product, sign up on a mailing list, or otherwise engage with a brand. If the person looking at the ad doesn’t know what they’re supposed to do next, they’ll scroll on by without doing anything, and the opportunity is lost. Good Facebook ads focus on one clear call to action that leaves no room for doubt.

Compelling Value Proposition

A winning Facebook ad will give the viewer a good reason why they should take the next step—what differentiates them from the competition or makes them the right answer for their potential client’s problem. When the audience has a clear sense of what value the service or product will bring to them, they’re more likely to click through to take the next action.

Well-Aligned Visuals and Copy

Great imagery is the key to getting noticed and tying a winning Facebook ad together. Your visual should tie in well with your copy and be geared to appeal to your target audience. Chosen well, ad imagery can catch the eye and increase the sense of relevance—which in turn will help promote engagement and conversions.

Does this all seem more easily said than done? In truth, it is. The best Facebook campaigns, like any ad campaign, are built with attention to detail and diligent tracking and testing to determine what works. At Connection Marketing, we have the experience and knowledge to optimize your ad campaigns quickly. The result is a better return on ad spend and more of your budget focused on the tactics that produce conversions. We craft individualized marketing plans for our clients that put your money where it will do the most good for your bottom line. To find out more about how Connection Marketing can help you unlock the full potential of your marketing channels, contact us at to schedule a free initial consultation.

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