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Year-Round PPC Advertising Tips

Successful marketing isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it proposition. To keep achieving results, you need to refresh your ads—over time, even once-effective ads will become stale, failing to attract notice. By the same token, most businesses experience fluctuations in their sales over the course of the year, depending on the season. Adjusting your advertising to anticipate these changes and to keep your internet presence fresh is key to driving sales.

Stay ahead of the curve: Sure, we all complain about seeing bathing suits ads crop up before spring has even decently warmed up, but the truth is, you’ll miss sales if you aren’t planning ahead with your ads. You should be thinking approximately three months ahead of time to catch early shoppers and remind consumers that significant dates are coming up.

Choose images carefully: A well-chosen ad image will attract interest and bolster your copy. Images can persuade on an emotional level, driving consumers to take action. Pick your images not only to evoke the mood that you’d like, but also to coordinate with the season and even the region where you’re advertising. After all, a search for the term “jacket” will mean something different to shoppers in San Diego and Saint Paul, even if they’re both looking in December.

Coordinate ads and landing pages: Messages on your PPC ads and the corresponding landing pages should match exactly. For example, if your ad offers free shipping or a discount, then the landing page the ad directs to should prominently include the same deal. When a click lands a potential customer on a page that doesn’t mention the product or incentive that attracted their click in the first place, they may decide to give up rather than hunt around to see if you really meant what the ad said. Make it easy for them to follow up on the impulse that led them to your website.

Adjust your bidding strategy: Demand for certain products and services go up and down in predictable patterns. For example, you can expect more interest in buying flowers before Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, even though florists operate all year round. When you know that a busy season is approaching, you’ll want to review your automated bidding strategy and increase your budget to make sure your ads continue to turn up in the right places. When you see an unexpected opportunity, you may also want to ramp up your bids to take advantage. Searches for fans and portable air conditioners go up when a heat wave hits—if that’s what you sell, jump in and remind customers that you have what they need to stay cool while demand is high.

Thoughtful advertising is the key to attracting clicks and turning those clicks into conversions. Connection Marketing can help you increase your advertising impact by crafting ad strategies that coordinate your message and refining your AdWords buys to get the most out of your marketing budget. For a free consultation, contact us at or visit