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    Multi-Channel Marketing – Why You Need More Touchpoints

    Marketing in the digital age has become a more challenging proposition. Not only do you have to attract potential customers to your business, but you also have to cope with the fact that you can’t necessarily predict when and how a prospect will convert. Consumers are used to having multiple opportunities to interact with a business. Even more daunting is the fact that customers interact the way they want to, not necessarily the way you want them to. Including multiple touchpoints in your marketing plan is vital to ensure you are reaching the widest possible audience and giving your potential customers the means to reach you by their preferred channel.

    Multi-Channel Marketing | Connection Marketing

    This means that first you need to get your business out where people can find you. This can start with search advertisements, such as Google AdWords, to make sure your ads are showing up in an advantageous position in relevant searches. This can also mean content creation programs, which will help boost your website’s position in organic searches. Obviously, doing both at the same time will help you cast a wider net.

    When prospects have visited your site but not necessarily converted, then remarketing comes in. Marketers agree that a potential customer almost never converts after the first contact with a business. As you build awareness and trust, it can take as many as ten to twenty touches to bring in that sale, so it makes sense to keep your business in a prospect’s mind with retargeting strategies.

    Remarketing can take a few different forms, and they are best used in combination. Email retargeting allows you to send direct email appeals to those who’ve typed their email address into your site but haven’t converted yet. Display ad remarketing puts your ads in the ad spaces on other sites those prospects visit, while social media remarketing does the same thing on social media platforms. This keeps your ads front and center, reminding prospects of their original interest in your business and giving them an easy opportunity to re-engage with you.

    Of course, successful multi-channel remarketing isn’t as simple as throwing every possible form of advertising at the wall to see what sticks with a potential customer. The key is keeping a unified, relevant message across these various channels. For example, if someone clicks on an ad for, say, dental implants, then the subsequent emails they receive or display ads they see should be aligned to that interest, not offering discounts on tooth whitening. Your marketing efforts must be properly aligned across all channels to create a consistent, personalized message that will bring in more sales.

    Connection Marketing has the experience you need to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to connect with your business. We can help you craft a multi-channel marketing strategy that ensures you are using your marketing budget as effectively as possible to produce conversions. If you’re ready to boost the percentage of your site traffic that generates leads, contact Connection Marketing at info@connectionmarketing, or by clicking here.