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Onsite Conversion Strategies: How Many Times are You Asking for the Sale?

If making a sale was as simple as asking once, nobody would need to market their goods or services. But we all know that turning a prospective buyer into a customer requires work, building trust and awareness of your business. Having multiple ways of asking for someone’s business has a higher close rate, so your website should offer different options for prospects to interact with your business to help boost your conversion rate.

Onsite Conversion Strategies: How Many Times are You Asking for the Sale? | Connection Marketing

Here are some popular examples:

  • Get a free consultation: This is a good option for services from dentistry to remodeling—anything where a possible client needs an expert to assess the scope of their problem and lay out the options.
  • Get pricing: Having a customer request a quote allows you to get information on their needs and an opportunity to tailor your pitch more closely to what they are looking for.
  • Contact us/call us: If your business is one that requires more nuanced one-on-one interactions with prospective clients, such as legal services, clearly present the option for direct contact to draw prospects in.
  • Enter a promo code: If you’re looking to pique the interest of first-time site visitors, who often do not convert on their initial visit to a site, offering to send a promo code for a discount to their email address is a great way to capture their information so you can maintain contact with them.
  • Get a brochure: Offering additional information regarding your product or service is another good way to capture contact information while presenting a benefit to your prospective customer.

Having relevant landing pages for whichever of these options you choose for your business is critical to making your strategy successful. If, for example, a visitor to your site clicks on a button labeled “get a brochure,” it should take them to a clutter-free page that clearly requests only the relevant information to deliver the brochure they’re interested in. You don’t want to have a call to action redirect to a generic home page, or to any page that forces a prospect to hunt around for the information or benefit that was promised. Site visitors are apt to bail out quickly if your site is confusing or if your links take them to pages that are not obviously linked to the action they wanted to take.

Giving your prospects multiple ways to engage before they pull the trigger and make a purchase builds their familiarity and comfort with your business. Connection Marketing can help you develop and refine your strategies for maximum impact, with careful analysis of what works and what doesn’t. Our expertise allows you to concentrate on the tactics that are most effective for drawing in site visitors so that when they are ready to engage, your company is their natural choice. For a free consultation, contact us at or click here.