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Social Media Set-Up Checklist

Establishing brand and client relationships are obvious components to helping your business thrive, but how is this translating online? Today, companies no longer have the option to forgo an online presence without running the risk of falling behind. Creating a social media strategy for your business can help you keep up with consumers where and how they spend their time.

As you dive into the vast arena of social networking, here are a few reliable tips on building your brand’s social media and keeping it afloat:

Social Media Set-Up Checklist | Connection Marketing

Plan it Out
The saying goes: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Having a social media strategy that is continually maintained keeps your audience growing. Check your website’s statistics to pinpoint the best times for consumer interaction. Don’t be afraid to modify or completely change up your routine.

Never Leave Anything Incomplete
Having incomplete social media can be worse than not being online at all! Leaving “about” sections and contacts blank can be a huge turn-off to an audience. Whether they accidentally stumbled upon your unfinished website or just happened to find a Google+ account you started three years ago, this can result in an unprofessional and unappealing representation of your brand.

Appropriate Platforms
Getting your name out there is essential to increasing brand awareness, but it’s important to stress that not every social media platform is worth the effort. Knowing your audience is mandatory for effective outreach. While Facebook may be the most prominent contender in the social network battle, the aging demographic of users might not appeal to whom you’re targeting. With the millennials, Twitter and Instagram might be your best bet.

Share the Content
Developing posts appropriate for multiple platforms can drive traffic between your company’s social media and personal website. Company blogs have the ability to garner extra publicity when posted with teasers and links on Facebook and Twitter. Do keep in mind the post count, as rapidly posting updates in a short time span can quickly turn into spamming followers. Always make sure your content’s purpose is to add value, not just occupy your site’s space.

Appeal to the Senses
Social media should elicit an emotion or inspire an action from the audience. Experimenting with images, videos, and infographics can be exciting and captivating to your readers. Sometimes a short caption accommodating media can be the perfect amount of emphasis in your post, without overwhelming the reader. Find that images are getting more shares? Play with media that appeal to your visual audience.

Engage your Audience
Although this check list is geared toward the technological aspect of communication, you can’t forget there’s a person behind the computer screen. Social media sites should be just that—social. Gear the content toward two-way communication by posting questions and inviting feedback from the users. Instead of telling the audience what they should or should not do, get them involved in creating their own content in your company’s social media presence.

Taking advantage of the endless social media possibilities allows your brand to connect with the audience on a deeper level. While these tips can serve as the jumping off point for your company, it is always encouraged to follow through with content updates and a maintained strategy.